Hydro® AutoDose™ Pail Mount Dispensing System

Item # HYD01170

  • No outlet required at the treatment site, which adds safety in wet areas. Battery power ensures dosing at the proper time, even during or after power outages.
  • Choice of days, time (AM or PM) and dose amounts (1-30 oz)
  • D Size Battery; Up to 24 dosing periods per day
  • Capability to dose every day, weekdays, or weekends
Manufacturers Item #1170
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Batteries in AutoDose system will power Hydro's patented pump for up to 40 running hours when alkaline batteries are used. This provides months of service for many treatment needs. The Hydro pump is designed specifically to extend battery life, reducing the frequency of battery replacement. These design advancements also increase tube and motor life.

  • The most important benefit may be gained by using the AutoDose pumps is eliminating the chance for human error; they don't forget to add a dose! This can greatly enhance the performance of the treatment product.
  • Utilizing the flexible programming capabilities of the AutoDose line of dispensers allows the user to dose drains, cooling towers, boilers, pools, lubrication systems or other areas a the appropriate times. An easily programmed timer turns the pump on an
  • Corrosion resistant cabinet fitted to pail for demanding environments.
  • Easy to program timer with pin lockout for security.
  • During normal operation, the timer runs on the same power source as the pump, simplifying system maintenance (only one set of batteries to replace).
  • Internal backup battery in timer maintains program even when main power source is disconnected or inoperative.
  • Automatic battery-life monitoring technology ensures dosing accuracy throughout life of battery.
  • No tools required for maintenance of pump assembly.
  • Low battery indicator.